Old PUPS and TUHS News

News about old UNIX which appeared on the PUPS Home Page or the TUHS Home Page

13th May, 2000
SCO are now providing UNIX source licenses for free. See their web site for the license. Click on the button at the bottom to agree to the license. This also gives you direct access to the Unix Archive. You might also like to see the FAQ on the Unix Archive.

March 1998
Here is the petition which helped to convince SCO to make PDP-11 UNIX Source Licenses available.

July 1997
Here are the results of the PDP-11 Source License Questionnaire which also helped to convince SCO to make licenses available.

The Lions Book is finally back in print!

Bob Supnik has released version 2.3 of his machine emulators, including a PDP-11 emulator. He has also convinced SCO to issue free binary licenses for 5th, 6th and 7th Edition Unix. The simulators and disk images for v5, v6 and v7 are available here on Minnie, and also from Digital's ftp site.

Warren Toomey